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CISL - Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori

CISL - the Italian Confederation of Workers’ Unions - is the second largest Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy.
CISL has National branch (sector) Federations which affiliates white and blue collar employees on the basis of non-denominational, nonpartisan and non-ideological values and principles. CISL is also structured at territorial and regional levels.
The main goal of CISL is defending the interests of both employed and unemployed and the social community interests. CISL approach is based on several fundamental values such as: democracy, solidarity, pluralism and trade union independence from any economic power, employer, Government or political party and the belief that employees, through trade union initiatives (collective bargaining, actions, etc.) are entitled to actively participate to the construction of the future of both themselves and their communities.
CISL is a founding member of the ETUC (European Trade Unions Confederation), and of the ITUC (International Trade Unions Confederation). CISL established a National Study Center for research and training that is deeply involved in delivering European projects. The centre was founded in 1951 with the aim of offering CISL employees a professional and cultural training programme appropriate to the needs of the union. The Centre staff is composed both by trainers and researchers. In cooperation with CISL, the Study Centre is also the coordinator for European Projects Management. The staff produces researches, books, position papers about industrial relations, labour market policies, trade union organizing. The Centre also cooperates with important Universities and Cultural Institutions in Italy and abroad.